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Rebouças Convention Center - São Paulo City

São Paulo is a huge city. If it's your first time here, check a good guide such as WikiTravel. You'll stay mostly around Downtown.


The goal is to implement a truly "International" programming-focused conference in Brazil. Meant to introduce Brazilian programmers to the world - and hopefully Latin America in general next time.

We already have many great Brazilian conferences, but all of them are meant just for the Brazilian Audience.

The problem: we only speak Brazilian Portuguese in Brazil. So no one else in the world can see what we are doing.

The solution: it is about time we present in the tech industry lingua-franca: English. Let's start showing off what we are capable to a larger audience.

In 2017 and 2018 we took the chance to prove that such an event has a place.

And we succeeded!

The formula was improved in 2019 bringing even more great speakers to the big stage. The 4th edition in 2020 will be amazing!

Come make history with us!